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What is Plain Paper or White Paper Factory?White Paper Factory Infographic

A "white paper factory" is a term used to describe print and mail service providers who have transitioned from preprinted forms to inkjet printing processes for customer communications. In this context, a white paper factory is a production facility that utilizes high-speed inkjet printers to produce documents, including bills, statements, and other customer communications, on blank white paper.

Traditionally, print and mail service providers used preprinted forms for customer communications. These forms were printed in advance with static information, such as company logos, addresses, and other branding elements. Variable information, such as customer names, addresses, and billing amounts, were printed on these forms using toner-based printers.

White Paper Factory Benefits

  • Operational Savings
  • Equipment Reduction
  • Lower equipment depreciation/lease cost
  • Lower equipment maintenance cost
  • Labor savings
  • Workflow Improvements
  • Minimize time between jobs
  • Print stream consolidation
  • Production life-cycle reduction
  • Improved SLAs (Service Level Agreements) performance
  • Lower Supply Costs
  • Unit cost per form
  • No pre-printed forms (perfs or pin-feeds) expenses
  • Reduced envelope cost
  • Improved communication transition and transformation capabilities for
  • Brand relaunching
  • Program segmentation capabilities
  • Communication consolidation opportunities

White Paper Factory Infographic

Who Should Implement It and Why?

With the advent of high-speed inkjet printers, print and mail service providers began transitioning from preprinted forms to blank white paper. Inkjet printing enables service providers to print variable data and graphics directly onto blank paper, eliminating the need for preprinted forms. This approach can be more cost-effective and efficient, eliminating the need to inventory and manage preprinted forms.

Transitioning to a white paper factory workflow solution with inkjet printing processes is a smart choice for print and mail service providers looking to improve their operational efficiency and minimize costs, ultimately benefiting both service providers and their customers. Service providers can deliver high-quality customer communications while reducing costs and improving overall efficiency by eliminating the need for preprinted forms and utilizing high-speed inkjet printers to print directly onto blank paper. Contact us today to learn how Quantre Solutions can help your organization transition to a white paper factory workflow solution and optimize your customer communications management. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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