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Customer Communication Management Solutions Incorporate ADFs

Automated Document Factory (ADF) solutions have been an essential aspect of production and output management systems since print operators first utilized computer systems to produce output. As high-speed print equipment grew, the industry required better management and control of print and pre/post-print workflow processes. In 1996, Gartner coined the term Automated Document Factory (ADF) to represent an architecture and set of processes to manage the creation and delivery of high-volume, mission-critical digital documents. Gartner updated the definition of the term to ADF 2.0 in 2007.

In 2009, Gartner Group and Forrester Research began publishing industry reports describing Customer Communications Management (CCM) as a strategy to improve the creation, delivery, storage, and retrieval of outbound communications. CCM transformed from being simply a strategy to a multi-billion dollar industry of products and services. The industry's evolution from ADF to CCM expanded the scope beyond just delivering a communication to the customer; it became customer-centric, focusing on customer onboarding, journey mapping, experience, and retention strategies.

Gartner Automated Document Factory vs ADF 2.0

At Quantre Solutions, our CCM solutions incorporate our team's experience in designing and building ADFs, as well as the latest industry-proven customer-centric strategies and commercially available industry solutions. As a team of experienced consultants, product owners, solution designers, process engineers, solution architects, and technical architects, we are dedicated to providing resource support to deliver "Quantifiable Results" for your CCM modernization project.

If you're considering a CCM or ADF modernization project, let Quantre Solutions be your partner. Contact us today to learn how we can help optimize your customer communications management and streamline your operations.

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