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Many print and mail operations in the financial, insurance, and utility industries do not perform at their maximum potential, especially when using deprecated Automated Document Factory (ADF) solutions for transactional communications such as statements, policies, and invoices. Improving an operation's capacity often requires insights derived from analyzing people, processes, and technologies. Our Print and Mail Operations Assessment evaluates your organization's current operational state in terms of effectiveness and efficiency, specifically focusing on your ADF solutions. By examining the overall operation and its alignment with your organization's desired state and strategy, the assessment aims to gauge the health of your operation and offer recommendations for future improvements.

Why Choose Quantre Solutions?

Consultant evaluating a print and mail operationsBringing in consultants like Quantre Solutions for this type of evaluation offers an unbiased, outside perspective based on facts and best practices observed in other organizations. With over 20 years of operational experience in the print and mail industry, our consultants have successfully developed and facilitated print and mail operations assessments for numerous clients. We strive to minimize operational disruptions during discovery interviews, data gathering, and process audit tasks, mitigating any negative impact on your organization or customers.

Benefits of a Print and Mail Operations Assessment

A Print and Mail Operations Assessment encompasses the review, data collection, and analysis of all processes (both quantitative and qualitative) related to ADF solutions, staff interviews, on-site observation, and comparisons to best practices from leading organizations.

These assessments offer valuable analysis and insights, going beyond traditional improvement assessments that focus on a single operational issue. They provide visibility into gaps in operational processes, procedure documentation, communication workflows, and metrics and benchmarks related to ADF solutions.

Even operations not facing immediate pressures from audits, compliance reviews, or strategic initiatives can benefit from this process. Assessment results equip decision-makers with a roadmap for improvements and enhancements, as well as a gap report to address operational risks discovered.

Operations Assessment Process Steps

Unique Advantages of a Print and Mail Operations Assessment

Internal operational projects often address immediate challenges without considering the organization's long-term strategy or the interconnections between various processes. Consequently, many improvement initiatives either fall short or fail to deliver expected benefits. A Print and Mail Operations Assessment serves as a snapshot of the operation, examining the overall effectiveness of the organization and its contributing processes, with a focus on ADF solutions. By assessing each individual process and their interrelationships, organizations can establish a baseline of their current state. This baseline provides leadership with insights, metrics, risks, and overall clarity to drive future strategic initiatives for modernizing their print and mail operations.

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