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Accelerating Service Provider Clients from Contract Signed to Go-Live


What is Client Onboarding?

For service providers within the customer communications management (CCM) industry, client onboarding is the process of transitioning clients from their current state to the future state with products and services delivered by the service provider. Print transformations were one of the industry's first onboarding accelerator solutions, providing service providers capabilities to transform files from any format for any digital and print communication channel. Modern transformation solutions now support communication recomposition and reengineering, digital channel transformations, and accessible formats for the blind and partially sighted. With cloud-native microservices, APIs, and Web Services from industry software providers, new capabilities create optimization opportunities to automate and accelerate client onboarding workflows.

Accelerating Client Onboarding for Custom Implementations

Industry CCM software providers offer end-to-end workflow orchestration solutions and system integrations for managing, controlling, and tracking all aspects of the customer communications journey. Modern workflow solutions have successfully optimized production and distribution processes to deliver scalable, secure, and hyper-configurable business capabilities that can be deployed in days, not months. With the ease at which business users can design and deploy workflows combined with industry cloud-native microservices, service providers can accelerate their client onboarding implementation timeline.

By using the containerization methodology, service providers are breaking down onboarding processes into their parts as modules. A component-based model within client onboarding workflows provides the organization with reusable implementation processes accelerating implementations.

Quantre Solutions Client Onboarding Workflow

CCM Client Onboarding Workflow Designs

Quantre Solutions' industry experience spans customer communications management to automated document factory solutions. Quantre works with industry providers in various capacities, from strategy planning, requirements development, UI/UX, testing, implementations, and customer education presales support. Quantre's industry insights, frameworks, and methodologies, when combined with the latest cloud-native microservices, APIs, and Web Services, enable client onboarding workflows to accelerate activities from application insights gathering, print resource migrations, data mapping, content rationalization, workflow mapping, archive repository transforms, quality assurance processes, and more.

Client Onboarding Workflows Designed by Quantre Solutions

Quantre Solutions designs client onboarding solutions using an organization's competitive differentiators to identify and define the standards and business requirements to build and automate an onboarding activity. Quantre's Client Onboarding Framework takes the best of what the organization offers to develop an onboarding solution delivering value to service providers and their customers.

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