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Accelerate Client Onboarding with the Ultimate Presale Analysis Tool for CCM/CXM Service Providers


Streamline Customer Communication Modernization Decisions with In-Depth Insights and Tailored Migration Strategies

Discover how CxStrategizer, the ultimate presale analysis tool for CCM/CXM service providers, streamlines client onboarding, and accelerates business growth.

CxStrategizer is a groundbreaking web application designed to transform the presales process for CCM/CXM service providers. Developed by Quantre Solutions, a leader in customer communications management consulting and solutions design, CxStrategizer offers an array of innovative features that enable service providers to accelerate client onboarding, provide tailored migration strategies, and drive business decision endorsements.

Built for the banking, insurance, and government industry verticals, CxStrategizer automates communication and document analysis methodologies, allowing for faster processing and more efficient client education. By integrating cloud computing and machine learning platforms, CxStrategizer supports strategy mapping and optimizes content for rationalization, ensuring that your clients receive the best possible customer experience.


  1. Expedite Pre-sales Consulting: Shorten the pre-sales consulting phase of the sales cycle with accelerated analysis and client education processes.
  2. Enhance Client Experience: Deliver a tailored client experience with personalized strategy mapping insights and migration recommendations.
  3. Drive Data-Driven Decision Making: Leverage PowerBI dashboards and analysis reports to make informed decisions with your clients.


  • Custom-built for transactional customer communications within the banking, insurance, and government industry verticals.
  • Leverages select cloud computing and machine learning platforms to automate communication and document analysis methodologies for categorization and use case summations.
  • Offers white-label branding options to customize the platform with the service provider's brand to deliver a consistent image to clients.

CxStrategizerWhy Choose CxStrategizer

  • Streamline the presales process and accelerate client onboarding
  • Offer tailored migration strategies to meet the unique needs of each client
  • Enhance client education and drive business decision endorsements
  • Improve CCM and CXM best practices
  • Customize the platform to align with your branding
  • Efficiently manage multiple clients on a single platform

Key Features

  1. Comprehensive Communication Analysis: Categorize communications, uncover insights, variations, and duplicates with our industry-tailored content intelligence services
  2. In-Depth Content Insights: Evaluate content for rationalization
  3. Strategy Mapping: Migration strategy recommendations for a seamless transition from enterprises to service providers
  4. PowerBI Integration: Leverage advanced analytics, dashboards, and reporting for data-driven decision-making
  5. White Labeling and Brand Customization: Personalize CxStrategizer with your branding for a consistent, professional image
  6. Multi-Tenant Design: Manage multiple clients with a single, scalable platform

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