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Your AI-Powered Presale Analysis Tool for CCM/CXM

Discover CxStrategizer, the premier pre-sale analysis tool from Quantre Solutions, engineered to elevate customer communication management (CCM) and customer experience management (CXM) services for banking, insurance, and government sectors. Our groundbreaking web application streamlines client onboarding and paves the way for strategic growth, offering tailored migration strategies, insightful client education, and support for data-driven business decisions.


  1. Expedite Pre-sales Consulting: With AI built into CxStrategizer, it significantly reduces the pre-sales consulting time, enabling faster client education and strategy development.
  2. Enhance Client Experience: Deliver a customized strategy experience with actionable insights and detailed migration plans for a seamless transition.
  3. Drive Data-Driven Decision Making: Utilize our integrated PowerBI dashboards and analysis reports for in-depth data analysis and strategy formulation.


  • AI-Enhanced Communication Analysis: Utilize AI for categorizing communications uncovering insights, variations, and duplicates for a tailored content strategy.
  • In-Depth Content Insights: Evaluate content with AI tools for rationalization and optimization.
  • Strategy Mapping: AI-driven recommendations for migration strategies ensuring a seamless transition.

CxStrategizerWhy Choose CxStrategizer

  • Customized Migration Strategies: Align with CXM & AI trends to offer effective migration strategies benefitting service providers and clients.
  • Enhanced Client Education: Leverage the CxStrategizer analysis platform with client data and communication samples to drive business decisions.
  • Unified Brand Experience: With white-label branding, CxStrategizer presents a seamless extension of your brand to the client, fostering trust and consistency.

Key Features

  1. Comprehensive Communication Analysis: Our content intelligence services categorize communications to identify insights, variations, and duplicates, aligning with the trend of rationalizing legacy content for AI integration.
  2. In-Depth Content Insights: Assess content for rationalization and ensure brand compliance — crucial aspects of current CCM/CXM and AI integration trends.
  3. Strategy Mapping: Provide migration strategies with recommendations for a seamless transition, reflecting the trend of using generative AI to enrich CXM strategies.
  4. PowerBI Integration: Embrace advanced analytics for data-driven decision-making, leveraging the trend of monitoring regulatory and brand compliance.
  5. Multi-Tenant Design: Handle multiple clients efficiently, showcasing our platform's capability to manage and segment diverse customer communications and data securely.

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