Quantre Solutions Selected to Present on AI, RPA, Digital Strategies, Production Automation, and CCM Solutions at the Xplor 2023 CCM Summit

September 7, 2023 – Atlanta:  Xplor International chose Quantre Solutions, a top customer communications management (CCM) consulting and solutions design company, to present two topics and lead a round table discussion at the Xplor 2023 CCM Summit in Orlando, Florida, from November 14-16, 2023. Scott Mulkey, the COO & Partner at Quantre Solutions, was selected to present about AI and RPA to Help Process Automation and facilitate the round table discussion titled What’s Missing in Your CCM Solutions. Gene Rauch, a Senior Solutions Consultant, will join Scott to co-present the topic of Directions in Green Automation

Directions in Green Automation
Join Gene Rauch and Scott Mulkey on Wednesday, November 15th, for an insightful session exploring practical green automation for Customer Communication Management (CCM). Quantre will examine the transformative potential of:

Join the session to gain valuable insights into today’s greener world of CCM and learn actionable strategies to make your business communication practices more sustainable, efficient, and customer-centric. 

AI and RPA to Help Process Automation
Join Scott Mulkey on Wednesday, November 15th, to uncover the future of Customer Communication Management at the intersection of AI, Large Language Models (LLM), and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), as used in Quantre’s CxStrategizer web application. Discover how AI and custom-built language models can enhance:

Quantre will discuss how AI can personalize customer interactions and predict customer needs for a modern CX. A CCM industry update will focus on AI and future trend predictions. Join the session as we demystify AI's role in transforming CCM and explore the vast potential of process automation. 

Quantre Solutions will also participate in Xplor International’s Industry Awards ceremony to recognize the company’s latest consultants being awarded the EDP and Master EDP designations in 2023. For more information about Quantre Solutions and our certified Xplor EDP professionals, visit 

About Scott Mulkey, M-EDP, Quantre Solutions COO & Partner
Scott Mulkey founded Quantre Solutions, a leading industry strategy consulting and solutions design firm. His credentials include designing and modernizing CCM & CXM workflows, pre-sales client onboarding, and CCM ecosystem and rationalization assessments for service providers. In March, Scott launched CxStrategizer, an analysis tool for service providers to accelerate the presales analysis to drive client decisions. CxStrategizer uses Robotic Process Automation, cognitive AI, and LLM services to automate classifications, use case summations, and content insights. In June 2023, Xplor International’s EDP Commission bestowed the designation of Master EDP to Scott based on his CCM and CXM Strategy Consulting masterworks. 

About Gene Rauch, Quantre Solutions Senior Solutions Consultant
Gene Rauch has over 40 years of industry experience with service providers, healthcare, financial services, and government clients. Gene joined the Quantre Solutions team in 2015 and contributed his operational expertise and insights in implementing Automated Document Factory and White Paper Factory Solutions, delivering operational efficiency, cost control, and governance goals. Before joining Quantre, Gene served as the Senior Director of Print Solutions for Incepture, a subsidiary of Florida Blue, for 33 years. Gene now brings his service provider strategy experience to clients seeking to maximize operational efficiencies and revenue.

About Quantre Solutions
Quantre Solutions provides customer communications management consulting and services support. Quantre’s consulting credentials include designing and modernizing CCM workflow solutions and rationalizing communications, forms, and touchpoint content to deliver an optimized customer journey experience. Quantre’s operational production experience includes designing and modernizing Automated Document Factory (ADF) and production processes to mitigate risks and drive down operating costs. Quantre Solutions believes in being a champion and advocate for our customers. Just as our industry can successfully automate communication workflows and production processes, we see a future where our industry’s skills and experience accelerate the automation of customer onboarding workflows. Quantre Solutions is excited to support the industry trend of accelerated client onboarding with CxStrategizer for service providers. Quantre supports designing customer onboarding workflows for service providers to reduce implementation and migration timelines, improve customer experiences, and accelerate the time-to-market. Quantre Solutions holds the distinction as the only industry consulting firm with multiple EDP certified industry professionals.

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