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Quantre Solutions Senior Solutions Consultant, Cecilia Mas Awarded Certification as an Electronic Document Professional (EDP) by Xplor International

June 20, 2023 - Quantre Solutions' Senior Solutions Consultant, Cecilia Mas has been awarded the industry certification of Electronic Document Professional (EDP)® from Xplor International, The Electronic Document Systems Association®, demonstrating her broad knowledge of and experience in digital communications. Cecilia joined Quantre Solutions in 2014 and became Messagepoint certified that same year, demonstrating her communication and content rationalization skills to deliver on client goals. Cecilia will be recognized during the 2023 Xplor CCM Summit's opening session and award ceremony on November 14th.

Learn more about Xplor's EDP® certification program at

About Quantre Solutions

Quantre Solutions, an Xplor International Silver Associate Sponsor, offers consulting and services for enterprises and customer communications service providers. Quantre values providing independent advocacy for enterprise customers and supporting the industry’s top service providers’ client onboarding consulting for over 15 years. Quantre assists with service provider presales strategy consulting, modernizing enterprise customer communications management workflow solutions, enhancing customers’ digital experiences, and optimizing CCM operational costs.

Quantre introduced CxStrategizer, a presale analysis tool for CCM/CXM service providers in 2023. This tool helps reduce implementation and migration timelines, enhances customer experiences, and accelerates the time-to-market. CxStrategizer supports the industry trend of accelerating client onboarding through workflow automation and self-service analysis tools. Quantre noticed a gap in the market and developed a tool that doesn’t compete with existing content and composition management solutions. Instead, it validates the best strategy for an enterprise’s communications before investing in the transformation and migration to the service provider.

Visit to learn about Quantre and our certified Xplor EDP professionals.


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