Quantre Solutions Introduces CxStrategizer, a Cutting-Edge Presale Analysis Tool for CCM/CXM Service Providers

Atlanta, Georgia – March 28, 2023:  Quantre Solutions, a leading customer communications management consulting and solutions design firm, today unveiled CxStrategizer, the ultimate tool that enhances the pre-sales client consulting process for Customer Communications Management (CCM) and Customer Experience Management (CXM) service providers. CxStrategizer streamlines customer communication modernization decisions for enterprises by analyzing and categorizing communications, delivering strategy mapping insights, and accelerating client onboarding while providing a tailored client experience designed to educate clients and drive business decision endorsements.

CxStrategizer DashboardCxStrategizer's powerful capabilities to categorize communications, provide in-depth content insights, analyze and score content for rationalization, and generate personalized reports give service providers a competitive edge in accelerating client onboarding. As CCM technology providers enhance product capabilities to deliver modern customer experience goals, enterprises are evaluating modernization strategies such as omni-channel, digital-first, communications and content rationalization, and conversational form experiences. CxStrategizer and Quantre's consulting help service providers speed up analysis and client education processes, shortening the presales consulting phase of the sales cycle.

Designed as a web application for service providers, CxStrategizer features a multi-tenant design that effectively manages multiple clients from a single scalable platform while meeting standard data and document security segmentation requirements. Quantre Solutions offers white-label branding options, allowing service providers to customize the platform with their brand to deliver a consistent image to clients. CxStrategizer also incorporates PowerBI for dashboards, analysis reports, and personalized strategy educational tools to drive data-driven decision-making with clients.

CxStrategizer is custom designed for transactional customer communications within the banking, insurance, and government industry verticals. To support communication and content rationalization analysis, Quantre Solutions is leveraging Messagepoint’s API-based content intelligence services, known as , in CxStrategizer to uncover insights, variations, and duplicates. Quantre Solutions also leveraged select cloud computing and machine learning platforms to automate communication and document analysis methodologies for categorization and use case summations to support strategy mapping.

Scott Mulkey, EDP, COO & Partner, Quantre Solutions, said, “I believe in continuous improvement processes. As industry software companies migrate their products to the cloud and launch new API services, Quantre has improved processes by integrating our communication analysis methodologies into an automated web application to launch CxStrategizer, designed specifically for service providers to accelerate client onboarding during the presales consulting phase with enterprise clients. With the scalability of cloud computing, CxStrategizer can process communications faster than my consultants can prep batches for analysis. By automating our analysis methodologies, Quantre consultants are freed up to spend more time teaching customers CCM and CXM best practices and how they relate to modernization strategies offered by service providers.”

CxStrategizer is revolutionizing how CCM/CXM service providers approach the presales process with its powerful capabilities and streamlined analysis design. By delivering tailored migration strategies and an array of innovative features, CxStrategizer enables service providers to close deals with enterprise clients faster and more effectively.

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About Quantre Solutions

Quantre Solutions provides customer communications management consulting and services support. Quantre’s consulting credentials include designing and modernizing CCM workflow solutions and rationalizing communications, forms, and touchpoint content to deliver an optimized customer journey experience. Quantre’s operational production experience includes designing and modernizing Automated Document Factory (ADF) solutions automating customer service and production processes to mitigate risks and drive down operating costs. Quantre Solutions believes in being a champion and advocate for our customers. Just as our industry can successfully automate communication workflows and production processes, we see a future where our industry’s skills and experience accelerate the automation of customer onboarding workflows. Quantre Solutions is excited to support the industry trend of accelerated client onboarding with CxStrategizer for service providers. Quantre supports designing customer onboarding workflows for service providers to reduce implementation and migration timelines, improve customer experiences, and accelerate the time-to-market. In 2022, Quantre Solutions’ COO, Scott Mulkey, was awarded the industry certification of Electronic Document Professional (EDP)® by Xplor International, The Electronic Document Systems Association®.

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